This new project uses a holistic strategy to increase communities’ awareness of sea-level rise impacts along the Gulf.

The Environmental Literacy Program (ELP) project will enable residents and municipalities to prepare for current and future flood risks and associated sea-level rise hazards.

It will work to support enhanced resilience via three avenues, thought of as the legs of a stool:

  • Connect municipal officials with informed constituents who want to actively support sea-level rise resilience activities (Connection Dialogues)
  • Increase capacity for science and social studies high school educators to include a solutions-focused sea-level rise curriculum in their courses (SLR in the Classroom)
  • Increase awareness of sea-level rise and associated risks among sectors of the community previously unengaged in sea-level rise science and resilience (Pop-Ins)

Save the Dates!

  • SLR in the Classroom educator workshops:
    • Texas at Mission-Aransas NERR* – July 25-27, 2022 
    • NW Florida at Apalachicola NERR – June 23, 2022
    • SW Florida at Rookery Bay NERR* – July 13-15,  2022

*Workshop as part of a Teachers on the Estuary (TOTE) workshop. This is a research and field-based training program provided by the national estuarine research reserves.

  • Dates for Connection Dialogues and Pop-Ins TBD

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