Program for Local Adaptation to Climate Effects: Sea-Level Rise

A partnership between Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium, Florida Sea Grant, NOAA Sea Grant, and Mississippi State University Extension to support and enhance sea-level rise resilience in the northern Gulf of Mexico


PLACE: SLR will foster a network of individuals and organizations working to enhance resilience to
coastal inundation under rising sea levels in a changing climate. It will increase access to and application
of relevant research, stimulate dialogue around vulnerabilities and adaptation strategies, and provide
resources that facilitate resilience and mitigation actions. These goals will be achieved by working directly
with stakeholders across the coastal northern Gulf of Mexico to identify critical gaps and address
them by leveraging the resources and expertise of the network.

Understand Risk

Synthesize the best available science and ensure research meets the needs of stakeholders on the ground.

Communicate Risk

Provide outreach and communication of sea-level rise science and issues at the local and community level.

Facilitate Action

Work across the decision-making spectrum to ensure scientifically-sound, locally-feasible resilience solutions.