This page includes resources that can help coastal planners understand and plan for sea-level rise and associated hazards.

Coastal Resilience

  • Developed By: The Nature Conservancy
  • Description: Coastal planning officials use this suite of GIS-based tools to visualize flood risks from sea level rise and storm surge and identify areas and populations at risk
  • Link: Coastal Resilience 2.0

Coastal Flood Exposure Mapper

  • Developed By: NOAA Office for Coastal Management
  • Description: Support user undertaking a community-based approach to assessing coastal hazard risks and vulnerabilities by providing maps that show people, places, and natural resources exposed to coastal flooding.
  • Link: Coastal Flood Exposure Mapper

Inundation Analysis Tool

  • Developed By: NOAA Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services
  • Description: Coastal managers can query observations of select tidal gauges to find out how often and for how long local tides reached a specified elevation throughout their history
  • Link: Inundation Analysis Tool

Protecting Open Space and Ourselves

  • Developed By: The Nature Conservancy
  • Description: A report identifying 421 priority watersheds that can reduce future flood risk by preserving open space. Learn more about the economic benefits of preserving open space, see if your community falls in one of the priority watersheds, and check out additional resources
  • Link: Protecting Open Space and Ourselves

Surging Seas Sea Level Rise Analysis

  • Developed By: Climate Central
  • Description: View threats from sea level rise and storm surge for any coastal town or city in the contiguous United States. The site’s Risk Finder interface offers additional analyses for selected states
  • Link: Surging Seas: Risk Finder