PLACE: SLR will foster a network of individuals and organizations working to enhance resilience to coastal inundation under rising sea levels in a changing climate. It will increase access to and application of relevant research, stimulate dialogue around vulnerabilities and adaptation strategies, and provide resources that facilitate resilience and mitigation actions. These goals will be achieved by working directly with stakeholders across the coastal northern Gulf of Mexico to identify critical gaps and address them by leveraging the resources and expertise of the network.


The purpose of PLACE: SLR is to increase resilience to climate change along the northern Gulf of Mexico. The program will focus on resilience issues related to water and a changing climate – specifically sea-level rise, which compounds inundation and extreme rainfall events to generate a plethora of coastal flooding hazards. Hazards include but are not limited to hurricanes, nuisance flooding, erosion, coastal habitat degradation and loss, saltwater intrusion, and stormwater flooding. Increased resilience will be accomplished by identifying and addressing needs of coastal decision-makers and stewards of the built and natural environments.

Our Geography

PLACE: SLR’s geographic area, defined as the coastal counties from the Pearl River to the Suwannee River, was chosen due to the similarity in anticipated climate change impacts, specifically those related to SLR.