Sea-Level Rise Curriculum

Sea-Level Rise in the Classroom is a four-module curriculum designed for high school teachers to introduce sea-level rise impacts and discuss community based solutions with their students.

There are four versions tailored to each of the Gulf states. For educators outside the Gulf of Mexico, we suggest using the Mississippi/Alabama version. While there are regionally specific examples in each version, the lessons as a whole are applicable to students everywhere.

Module 1 addresses the science behind sea-level rise and coastal flooding, and the other three highlight pathways towards community resilience through individual and community action. Module 2 covers natural solutions, Module 3 allows students to investigate the role of policy and ordinances, and Module 4 brings it together through community planning. A culminating project allows students to explore simulated towns and create resilience plans.

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To learn more about the development of the curriculum, visit the Sea-Level Rise in the Classroom project page!