Explore a variety of peer-reviewed papers, non-peer reviewed analyses, and other materials created by the PLACE: SLR team.

Non-Peer Reviewed Analyses

Living Shorelines Report

  • Description: A cost-benefit analysis comparing the construction and maintenance of a bulkhead to a living shoreline. The analysis showed the living shoreline was more cost-beneficial than the bulkhead.
  • Link: Living Shorelines Report

Jackson County Utility Authority Berm Cost-Benefit Analysis

  • Description: A cost-benefit analysis displayed via infographic that considers development of a berm at different heights for a new wastewater treatment facility. Results demonstrate that a berm is a sound fiscal decision regardless of height and that there are many additional factors beyond pure cost effectiveness that must be considered when making such decisions.
  • Link: Berm Infographic

Peer-Reviewed Papers

Understanding end-user adoption of an online climate resilience tool

  • Description: A recent paper published in Environmental Science & Policy looking at the adoption of Gulf TREE, a climate resilience search engine.
  • Link: Get Paper Here

Fostering science-to-civics literacy through the development and assessment of a sea-level rise curriculum

  • Description: A recent paper published in Continental Shelf Research focused on the development and implementation of sea-level rise curriculum for educators.
  • Link: Get Paper Here