Download the linked PDF to learn about the high water marks located along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

What are the High Water Marks?

In Coastal Mississippi, there are twelve visible markers in communities from Waveland to Ocean Springs. These signs are a physical marker with three colored lines indicating the height of storm surge for two significant hurricanes that have impacted Mississippi’s Gulf Coast and the Base Flood Elevation (BFE).

  • Red – Hurricane Katrina (2005)
  • Blue – Hurricane Camille (1969)
  • Black – Base flood elevation or the height water is expected to rise in a mid-sized flood event

Why do the High Water Marks Matter?

These markers are designed to bring awareness to how high the water levels were in past storms and remind residents about local flood risk.

These visual reminders spark community engagement and illustrate how residents and communities can benefit by preparing for future storms.

It is important to understand your community flood risk and changing conditions, even if it is a difficult topic to discuss.

Who Put Up the High Water Marks?

The Mississippi markers were organized by FEMA, the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant, and the Coastal Hazard Outreach Strategy Team.

How to use the High Water Mark Guide.

The attached High Water Mark Guide will help you to find the high water marks along the coast and help you to plan your trip.

Download the High Water Mark Guide to learn more!