Mikaela Heming is a Project Coordinator and Extension Associate specializing in science communication and engagement. Since joining the Program for Local Adaptation to Climate Effects: Sea-Level Rise, she has taken on a specialty in sea-level rise science and coastal resilience. Heming works to make this science more accessible to a multitude of stakeholder groups through community engagement, conversations with local and county governments, and more. She coordinates many efforts to help northern Gulf communities consider future flood hazards on a local level and encourages the use of appropriate climate resilience tools. Heming received a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and specialized in Journalism.

Fun Fact:

Currently studying French and Japanese!

Favorite Spot on the Northern Gulf:

Pensacola is such a great area – I love the mix of urban downtown with great restaurants, a beautiful coastline with beaches nearby and a bunch of super handy living shorelines!