This project seeks to integrate nature-based solutions in a regional stormwater management system in Ocean Springs to meet the challenges of future flood and development conditions, while increasing access to green space for residents.

Status: Active

As the need for more housing in Ocean Springs, MS and Jackson County, MS continues, the pressure for enhanced stormwater management systems increases. The remaining uplands available for development are often flat and have poor drainage. In the first phase of this project, we seek to assess the feasibility of using nature-based solutions to mitigate flooding through attenuating stormwater and increasing the capacity for existing and new stormwater systems. The feasibility assessments will be informed through biological and physical measurements, as well as community and municipal stakeholder input. After the physical assessments are conducted and stakeholder perspectives are collected, the information will be used to create an optimization tool to assess different infrastructure options under a variety of future development and flood conditions. If any potential outputs meet the needs of the municipal partners and stakeholders, then phase two will begin by seeking funding from the same agency to conduct engineering, design, and implementation.