Amit Chandramouly is another apprentice for the Helping Communities Plan for Sea-Level Rise Program! He’s working with Carey Schafer and Renee Collini to conduct cost-benefit analyses for coastal populations to aid in their resilience development efforts. As an aspiring policy entrepreneur, Amit is also very excited to gain experience with GIS, grant writing, and science extension and communication. 

Having lived in India and gone to high school in California, Amit came down to Mississippi to expand his comfort zone. In the fall, he will return to Syracuse University in New York as a junior, where he’s studying in policy studies, sustainability, and data analytics. In the meantime, he’s looking forward to spending more time exploring the beautiful Gulf Coast!

Fun Fact:

Amit loves watching Survivor and hopes to be cast on the show one day!

Favorite Spot on the Northern Gulf:

Orange Beach, AL (downtown Ocean Springs is another one)!